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10 - 04 - 99

MicroStrategy Launches Intelligent E-Business Platform -- Includes MicroStrategy InfoCenter for Enterprise Reporting and Easy Deployment of Proactive E-Business Applications

MicroStrategy Launches Intelligent E-Business Platform -- Includes MicroStrategy InfoCenter for Enterprise Reporting and Easy Deployment of Proactive E-Business Applications

MicroStrategy 6 Enables Organizations to Manage Operations, Analyze Marketing

Campaigns, and Create and Deliver Targeted Messages Through Multi-Channel

Broadcast Capabilities

VIENNA, Va., Oct. 4 -- MicroStrategy(R) Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of Intelligent E-Business(TM) software, today launched MicroStrategy 6, a platform that empowers organizations to understand the interactions surrounding their customers, suppliers, and business. MicroStrategy 6 provides organizations with insights that enable them to manage operations, analyze marketing campaigns, and create and deliver targeted messages to customers through touch points such as the web, email, pager, and phone. Optimized for e-business, MicroStrategy 6 includes MicroStrategy InfoCenter(TM), a portal to enable organizations to have one personalized location for employees, suppliers, and customers to subscribe to and view critical information services.

"MicroStrategy has consistently been a business intelligence bellwether company," said Bob Moran, Vice President of DSS Research at the Aberdeen Group. "Now, with the delivery of MicroStrategy 6, the company is helping to chart the course of Intelligent E-Business. MicroStrategy 6 supplies the analytical muscle and distribution channels that will allow organizations not only to target broad user communities with the right message, but also to understand and act upon the information."

MicroStrategy InfoCenter Provides Employees and Customers One Personalized

View into an Organization

MicroStrategy InfoCenter is a scalable Web portal that allows information consumers to access, subscribe, personalize and act upon business insight via a central gateway to information. MicroStrategy InfoCenter leverages the power of the Internet and MicroStrategy's Intelligent E-Business(TM) platform to create standards for information access and delivery across the enterprise. MicroStrategy InfoCenter integrates scalability and extensibility directly with e-business sites, supply-chain extranet sites, and internal enterprise reporting sites, enabling the correct targeting of insight to the right person, at the right time, via the right communication channel.

"There are a number of key engines required for CRM and intelligent e-business -- analytical, personalization, broadcast and interaction," said Michael Saylor, president and CEO of MicroStrategy Incorporated. "Organizations must utilize these engines if they are to reach their customers wherever they are with the right information. With MicroStrategy 6, we are leveraging our core strengths by combining these engines into a platform that enables organizations to understand the interactions surrounding their customers, develop and deploy targeted marketing campaigns through every touch point, and enable consumers to take action on the information they receive."

GE Capital Fleet Services Utilizing MicroStrategy to Empower E-Business

"The future of our business is e-business, and MicroStrategy 6 is delivering the functionality we need to get there," said Ken Schneider, e-business project manager at GE Capital Fleet Services, the world's leading vehicle fleet management company. "The advanced publish and subscribe technologies that come with MicroStrategy InfoCenter transform the way our customers interact with us by delivering personalized maintenance alerts to drivers, vehicle service histories to fleet managers, and simplified bills to fleet accountants. By leveraging these and other customer services electronically with MicroStrategy's Intelligent E-Business Platform(TM), we are increasing not only our own productivity but that of our customers, and that's a winning long-term strategy."

MicroStrategy 6 Allows Organizations to Reach Constituents Through Every

Touch Point

Earlier this month MicroStrategy launched MicroStrategy Telecaster(TM), the first product that proactively delivers important information directly from a data warehouse to a telephone. By combining this delivery channel with those currently offered by MicroStrategy through its MicroStrategy Agent(TM), MicroStrategy Web(TM) and MicroStrategy Broadcaster(TM) products, MicroStrategy 6 now enables organizations to reach their employees, suppliers and customers via every electronic touch point with a consistent message. This multi-channel broadcast capability allows organizations to maximize communication by enabling them to reach their customers via the web, email, pager, phone, fax, the Internet, desktop or PDA.

MicroStrategy 6 Optimized to Address the Needs of the Largest and Most

Sophisticated E-Businesses

To support the e-business needs of the largest organizations, MicroStrategy has made several scalability and performance enhancements to MicroStrategy Intelligence Server(TM), the central server of every MicroStrategy solution. The platform delivers a 75-100% increase in throughput versus MicroStrategy's 5.x product line, and is IBM ClusterProven Certified, which includes fail over support to ensure system uptime. This level of scalability is critical for the development of Intelligent E-Business(TM) applications. In addition, a new centralized management console for MicroStrategy Broadcaster and MicroStrategy Telecaster makes it easy for an organization to deploy and manage its solutions.

Pricing and Availability

MicroStrategy 6 is available immediately. MicroStrategy 6 runs on Windows NT and is priced on a per product basis. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server is priced at $85,000. MicroStrategy InfoCenter begins at $35,000. MicroStrategy Telecaster is priced at $35,000. MicroStrategy Broadcaster begins at $105,000. MicroStrategy 6 may be purchased directly from MicroStrategy or from authorized re-sellers around the world.

About MicroStrategy Incorporated

MicroStrategy is a leading worldwide provider of Intelligent E-Business(TM) software and related services. MicroStrategy's product line enables both proactive and interactive delivery of information from large-scale databases, providing Global 2000 enterprises a platform for developing solutions that deliver insight and intelligence to their enterprise, supply-chain, and customers.

MicroStrategy's platform enables users to query and analyze the most detailed, transaction-level databases, turning data into business intelligence. In addition to supporting internal enterprise users, MicroStrategy's platform delivers critical business information beyond corporate boundaries to customers, partners and supply chain constituencies through a broad range of pull and push technology such as the Internet, e-mail, telephones, pagers and other wireless communications devices. MicroStrategy's platform is ideal for developing e-business solutions that are personalized and proactive, and that reach millions of users. MicroStrategy also offers a comprehensive set of consulting, training and support services for its customers and partners.

MicroStrategy has over 750 customers across such diverse industries as retail, telecommunications, finance, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods. Representative MicroStrategy customers include American Express Travel Services, CVS Pharmacy, Harris Teeter, IMS America, Kmart, MCI WorldCom, Merck-Medco, Nike, and Ralston Purina. MicroStrategy has also entered into relationships with more than 185 systems integration, application development and platform partners, including Axiom, HNC Software, IBM, NCR, and Oracle.

For more information, please visit MicroStrategy's Web site: http://www.microstrategy.com.

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