MicroStrategy Launches Strategy.com, the World's First Personal Intelligence Network

June 28, 1999
MicroStrategy Launches Strategy.com, the World's First Personal Intelligence Network

VIENNA, Va.--June 28, 1999--

    Nasdaq, Ameritrade, USATODAY.com, EarthLink, and Metrocall Among
    Companies Working with MicroStrategy to Distribute Personalized,
    Timely Information to Consumers

    MicroStrategy(R) Incorporated (NASDAQ: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence software, today launched Strategy.com, the world's first personal intelligence network. Strategy.com works with a variety of leading companies to deliver personalized, timely information to consumers via the Internet, telephone and wireless devices.

Strategy.com will deliver up-to-the-minute information on finance, news, sports, traffic, weather and other subjects of interest. The investment channel will be available in July, with the other channels available this year. In the near future, the ability to make transactions via two-way devices will be added to the services, creating a unique user experience. For example, not only could a user be alerted about an analyst downgrade of one of their stocks, but they would be able to immediately trade shares of that stock.

"Strategy.com allows the everyday investor to capitalize on sophisticated financial trading opportunities through proactive alerting and notification," said Michael J. Saylor, President and CEO of MicroStrategy Incorporated. "For example, consumers could receive an email or page letting them know that one of the companies they are following has outperformed its sector by 10% but is trading below its 52-week average price. This level of insight assists the consumer to make a smarter decision. That is the power of Strategy.com: It provides consumers a strategy to proactively respond to situations that are important to them, saving them time, money and effort."

Personal: Strategy.com Delivers Timely Information How and When Consumers Want It

With the permission of the individual, Strategy.com develops a real-time catalog of user preferences and profiles, thereby enabling the delivery of highly personalized messages. Unlike existing wireless information services that allow for little customization, Strategy.com allows consumers to subscribe to only the information that they are interested in, and to specify when and how they want to receive it. In addition, consumers can prioritize the urgency of specific news or events, and be notified via different devices based on the level of importance.

All Strategy.com content is delivered via the communication medium of choice, including email, fax, pager, PDA, and mobile or regular phone. This extends the potential base of consumers for Strategy.com far beyond the Internet, and provides consumers with the peace of mind of knowing that if an event that is critical to them occurs, they do not need to be online to stay informed and take action.

Intelligence: Strategy.com Provides Users with Insight and Peace of Mind

Strategy.com is powered by MicroStrategy's core business intelligence technology which has been used by more than 750 Global 2000 enterprises over the last 10 years. MicroStrategy's technology is well-recognized for its ability to analyze massive stores of complex customer and product data to allow for more informed, practical decisions. With Strategy.com, for the first time ever this level of valuable intelligence can be attained by consumers. The ability to analyze user personalities and profiles enables Strategy.com to provide consumers with insight and peace of mind about the information or events that are critical to them.

Strategy.com's alerting capabilities allow consumers to make logical decisions that are directly related to the information they choose to receive. The delivery of timely information, combined with the ability to make smarter decisions, provides consumers with a simple strategy for navigating through their day. For example, a consumer could receive a traffic alert via their pager just before they leave work about a delay on the route they most frequently travel, with an alternative route home.

Network: Leading Companies to Market Services and Add Value to Consumer Experience

Although MicroStrategy has developed the backbone and will manage the content for Strategy.com, the company will reach consumers by syndicating its programming through "Network Affiliates." These affiliates will market the services and enable convenient transactions for their customers. To date, Nasdaq, Ameritrade, EarthLink, Metrocall, washingtonpost.com, USATODAY.com, fbr.com (a division of Friedman, Billings, Ramsey), Cendex and Community of Science have signed on as Network Affiliates. Through their current customer bases these companies have the potential to bring over 15 million people to the Network.

Strategy.com affiliation will allow companies to differentiate their offering, increase customer loyalty, create value-added services and benefit from new royalty streams. MicroStrategy and the affiliates will share revenues generated by Strategy.com.

"Strategy.com provides fbr.com a strategic advantage in the race to capture and retain customers by allowing us to extend our brand into the wireless space," said Suzanne Richardson, president of fbr.com. "Strategy.com will allow our customers to make better decisions by providing them with information that is important to them wherever they are."

About MicroStrategy Incorporated

MicroStrategy is a leading worldwide provider of e-business intelligence software and related services. MicroStrategy's product line, DSS Suite™, enables both proactive and interactive delivery of information from large-scale databases, providing Global 2000 enterprises a platform for developing solutions that deliver insight and intelligence to their enterprise, supply-chain, and customers.

The MicroStrategy platform enables users to query and analyze the most detailed, transaction-level databases, turning data into business intelligence. In addition to supporting internal enterprise users, MicroStrategy's platform delivers critical business information beyond corporate boundaries to customers, partners and supply chain constituencies through a broad range of pull and push technology such as the Internet, e-mail, telephones, pagers and other wireless communications devices. MicroStrategy's platform is ideal for developing e-business solutions that are personalized and proactive, and that reach millions of users. MicroStrategy also offers a comprehensive set of consulting, training and support services for its customers and partners.

MicroStrategy has over 750 customers across such diverse industries as retail, telecommunications, finance, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods. Representative MicroStrategy customers include American Express Travel Services, CVS Pharmacy, Harris Teeter, IMS America, Kmart, MCI WorldCom, Merck-Medco, Nike, and Ralston Purina. MicroStrategy has also entered into relationships with more than 185 systems integration, application development and platform partners, including Axiom, HNC Software, IBM, NCR, and Oracle.

For more information, please visit MicroStrategy's Web site: http://www.MicroStrategy.com.

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